Jan J (26 Apr 2015)
"Globalism - Hal Lindsey"


April 17, '15 
This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'
As I showed you last week, there are powerful people and organizations right here in the United States who have been working diligently for decades to bring America under the authority of a global government. It appears they are succeeding.

They are being helped immeasurably by the global economic meltdown. The debate rages over whether the various economic crises are a result of normal market cycles and risky financial practices or they're 'manufactured' crises -- meaning powerful financial families and institutions have intentionally caused them in order to benefit from them. Either way, the globalists are taking advantage of the fear and panic to pursue their 'one-world' agenda.

If you watched "The Hal Lindsey Report" last week, you saw Secretary of State Hillary Clinton blithely tell a gathering at the European Union that the Obama Administration was using the economic meltdown to advance its agenda on climate change and energy.

In the same way, the 'globalists' are using the crises to not only lay the foundation of a one-world government, but actually create the first governing bodies in that one-world regime. And the United States is eagerly signing on with the program. On the news each night, we are actually witnessing prophecy being fulfilled before our eyes.

This week, I will examine the critical Bible prophecies that describe the events we are watching unfold today. Those prophecies also describe the two leaders who will emerge to lead the one-world government that now looms in our future.

Folks, I know I keep saying this to you, but each time I repeat it, it's even more true: Get ready! Jesus is coming soon! You see, the 'man of lawlessness' that will lead the one-world government cannot be revealed until the One who restrains him has been removed from the earth. 'The restrainer' is the Holy Spirit. And since the Holy Spirit dwells in all true believers, to remove Him from the earth means we must be removed, also. That's what we call the 'Rapture.'

Because we see the Antichrist's government now being created by the nations of the world; because we see the world plunged into financial chaos and desperately searching for a solution (which is precisely how the Antichrist will achieve worldwide control); and because we have a blow by blow blueprint of these final days provided us by the ancient prophets, I can say with authority that time is short. Make sure you've accepted the pardon that Jesus died to purchase for you. And make sure your friends and family have the opportunity to accept this pardon, too.
Submitted by JAN J