Gary Rich (26 Apr 2015)
"Deposit into Eternity"

    How many Christian believers in Jesus Christ make daily "deposits into eternity" ? Quite an interesting question isn't it. Think about it, we go to our earthly banks and make deposits into our accounts that will only last a short while. When is the last time you thought about making a deposit into your eternal heaven account . A deposit that will last for all of eternity in Heaven

    i know, your thinking- just how does a Christian make a deposit into eternity. Very simple - go share your faith in Jesus Christ with someone else. Give a meal to a homeless person, volunteer at a homeless shelter, pray for someone in need, do an act of kindness, mow your neighbor's grass,do volunteer work at your church, serve in a church ministry, teach Sunday school , place an encouraging post here on 5-doves - the deposit into eternity list is endless as you can see

    when Jesus returns very soon in the rapture and takes you up into Heaven, you will appear at the Judgement Seat of Christ where your life will be reviewed and Jesus will give you Eternal Rewards based on how you spent your life serving Him. And since your appearance at the Judgement Seat of Christ right after the rapture is coming very soon, shouldn't you be about your Father's business and be using your time,talents and resources to serve your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ?

    starting with tomorrow morning, consider how you can daily make a " deposit into eternity ", how you can daily make an eternal difference for the Kingdom of God. Go for it rapture watchers, get out there and share the love and grace that Jesus has shown you to someone else. Time is short, its now April 2015 and Jesus could return anytime , go  and make a " deposit into eternity" !!!
    have a blessed day,  Gary