Fay (26 Apr 2015)
"Jovial re the RC Church"


Hi John and Doves,

Whilst your line of reasoning re Rome having no power base left to interfere with the USA, seems to have merit on the surface. It only takes a little digging to negate your theory. Bear with me while I begin with something you should know very well. It will get clearer as to where this is going. The HEAD of Daniel's prophetic statue is Babylon. The HEAD is the thinking and reasoning mechanism. Therefore, every single rise and fall of each and every empire has Babylon (false religion - i.e. satan) behind it. We may reason that wars have been fought over territory, oil, gold etc., but these are just handy tools satan uses to fool mankind. Greed is pretty rampant among us humans! satan's main aim, all along is to pervert and distort. God Almighty's main source of rage is our worship of false and/or other God's He is a JEALOUS God. The other thing our Almighty God loathes and detests is homosexuality. The ROME of today have both these things in common - a perverted, twisted message riddled with graven images, made up saints which they get their followers to pray to and a distinct penchant for homosexuality - especially the rape of little boys. Flying in the face of EVERYTHING God hates. Yet the RC church enjoys huge media coverage, approbation and much bowing and ring kissing from world leaders, kings queens and movie stars (Angelina's Jolie's latest audience with the pope. Haha. Ridiculous.)All this in spite of only having one billion adherents out of 7 billion of us. Hmm - this smacks of a great deal of underlying power and political influence to me!

ROME destroyed the Temple in 70 A.D. When ROME finished slaughtering the Jews as best they could, they set upon the Christians. When the early Christians would not bow to their fake gods and insisted on dying for their faith, ROME set about joining in the Christian movement and promptly set about totally perverting the true message. satan's false religion. Sounds suspiciously like the ROME of today.

Modern day ROME (RC church) backed Hitler - all verifiable. One good way of getting rid of God's people, the Jews. Modern day ROME slaughtered millions in their efforts to stop the Holy Bible being translated - insisting that only they could translate scripture correctly. Then ROME proceeded with slaughtering and torturing and slaughtering millions who would not bow to the Catholic church. Whilst the RC church has had it's rise and fall and rise again, throughout the ages, and throughout each empire - Babylon (false religion) remains the HEAD which operates the whole. The final kingdoms on Daniel's statue are ancient Rome (Two legs) from which spring the ten toes. As the legs denoted a western and eastern empire - so do the toes. Ancient Rome was described as IRON - the toes are depicted as IRON (still ROME then!!?) but, mixed with miry clay. Maybe this "miry clay" could denote the people of Isis, Iran etc., being influenced, coerced and driven by ROME. Regardless, this is the last kingdom of the statue. Considering what kingdom rises we are witnessing today, it's a pretty sound assumption to assume the people of Islam are in the mix there. So to speak.

There is a lot of evidence that the RC church have heavily influenced muslims. Take one look at how Catholic nuns dress and compare that to the tented frocks muslim women are forced to wear. Too similar for coincidence. I hope you read my post last week re why the RC church created Islam and Why. All in text. Please take the time to read it. On the first page of the article, there is a short video clip with RC priests conducting the Easter vigil at the Vatican. The latin words they are singing are put into text and translated. They are openly venerating Lucifer. The RC church have one of the biggest telescopes in the world - openly named LUCIFER.

As the Jesuits went underground, their plans never changed. They rose and fell, just like everyone else. Now - they have one of their own as pope. They are able to manipulate and distort. If I wanted total power over the world, and have people worship me, I'd create utter chaos. Using the violence of my puppets in the Middle East, I'd also sneak a covert muslim into the White House. I would flood America's deliberately porous borders with Mexican's, South Americans etc., as these are all traditionally Roman Catholic. I'd begin persecuting the bible believing Christians in America and the west and slaughtering them in the East. Once accomplished, I'd turn my full attention to the Jewish people - get them out of the way - sit myself down in God's Holy City of Jerusalem. AT LAST - I'd think - I have claimed Jerusalem! Now - satanically inspired - I would demand to be worshiped.

All this takes, money, power and influence. Which the Roman Catholic church has in abundance. This is all being orchestrated, hand in glove with Iran (Persia). With the political push of Zero Hussein.

It's very obvious that the Whore of Babylon is a religious entity (the key is in the word BABYLON)Who is guilty of killing millions upon millions of Jews and Christians throughout the ages? Why - it's ROME (IRON) mixed with miry clay (Islam??) Our final ten toed kingdom. So, the Whore is riding the political beast, but she is also called THE MOTHER OF ALL HARLOTS. Who was the MOTHER of the first message of true Christianity being distorted and defiled? ROME !! False religion (Babylon)and the Whore of Babylon are heading up the whole shebang. The rest of them - politicians, Free Masons - all useful idiots.