Fay (26 Apr 2015)
"end-of-life care"


Dear All - my profession involves end-of-life care. I recently had to rush a little lady to hospital. She has dementia. She is in a 6 bed ward with other patients who have deep dementia. All of them, howling and wailing. We healthy people have no idea of the human misery that abounds. Our visits to see people in hospital are brief. The medical staff are now rushed off their feet. Because of all the financial cuts - due to the so-called 'economic crisis' (who on earth do we all owe this money to, by the way - where has it gone? Why do the bankers still earn these huge amounts? Why? Try to think about it logically. It's all NONSENSE ), our National Health Service in UK is now stretched at the seams. The medical staff are exhausted.

A dear friend of mine recently had major heart surgery. He is not a believer. Sophisticated, wealthy and switched on. However - like the majority - sneering of religion and belief in any form. Because of institutions like the catholic church who have distorted the truth about Christianity out of all shape or form. Whilst in hospital, he had a shocking encounter with imp like demons. This took place in the Intensive Care ward. These imps were opening up the cabinets - banging and crashing around. Tormenting the patients. My very intelligent, non believer friend, was terrified. He knew it was just a matter of time before they came for him. These 'things' were forcing the patients to read the koran. Now - for someone who is calm, down to earth etc., I know he was telling the absolute truth. It astonishes me that he still won't believe - despite all the evidence of the evil that was thrust at him.

Speaking to nursing and medical staff at high care units - you would be amazed at the supernatural encounters they have had. Most of them put it down to the patients being ill and on strong medication. The deception we have all been living with is only just hitting home.