Fay (26 Apr 2015)
"Proof of Babylon's Identity"

Hi John and Doves,

The link provided is a brilliantly researched one. Very readable and fairly short. I will quote from the article below the link, just to give you a taster.

"Clarence Larkin in his book "Dispensational Truth", includes these interesting details. Babel or Babylon was built by Nimrod (Gen 10 v 8-10). It was the seat of the first great apostasy. Here the "Babylonian Cult" was invented, a system claiming to possess the highest wisdom and to reveal the divinest secrets. Before a member could be initiated he had to "confess" to the priest. The priest then had him in his power. This is the secret of the power of the priests of the Roman Catholic church today.

Once admitted into this order, men were no longer Babylonians, Assyrians or Egyptians but members of a mystical brotherhood over whom was placed a Pontiff or "High Priest" whose word was law. The city of Babylon continued to be the seat of Satan until the fall of the Babylonian and Medo-Persian empires, when he shifted his Capital to Pergamos in Asia Minor, where it was in John's day (Rev 2 v 12-13)

When Attalus, the Pontiff and King of Pergamos died in 133 BC, he bequested the Headship of the "Babylonian Priesthood" to Rome. When the Etruscans came to Italy from Lydia (the region of Pergamos) they brought with them the Babylonian religion and rites. They set up a Pontiff who was head of the Priesthood. Later, the Romans accepted this Pontiff as their civil ruler.

Julius Caesar was made Pontiff of the Etruscan Order in 74BC. In 63 BC he was made "Supreme Pontiff" of the "Babylonian Order", thus becoming heir to the rights and titles of Attalus, Pontiff of Pergamos, who had made Rome his heir by will. Thus the first Roman Emperor became the Head of the "Babylonian Priesthood" and Rome the successor of Babylon.

The Emperors of Rome continued the office of "Supreme Pontiff" until 366 AD through the influence of the monks of Mr Carmel, a college of Babylonian religion, originally founded by the priests of Jezebel.. So in 378 AD, the Head of the "Babylonian Order" became the Ruler of the "Roman church". Thus Satan united Rome and Babylon into one religious system.

Soon after Damascus was made "Supreme Pontiff" the "rites" of Babylon came to the front. The worship of the Virgin Mary was set up in 381 AD. All the outstanding festivals of the RC church are of Babylonian origin. Easter is not a christian name. It means "Ishtar" one of the titles of the Babylonian Queen of Heaven, whose worship by the Children of Israel was such an abomination in the sight of God. "

It is my belief that the Roman Catholic church is the ROME of prophecy. That this religious system is the one that holds sway over the Kings of the earth. With strong evidence that the Roman Catholic church were instrumental in creating the Muslim religion, in order to found a puppet army to eventually claim Jerusalem, (Satan's main aim and prize) ROME is depicted as iron in Daniel's statue. The final ten toed kingdom is iron (ROME) mixed with miry clay. It is a distinct possibility, in view of current politics - vast marauding armies in the Middle East - that the "miry clay" is Islam. Manipulated by Satan - whose seat is in ROME.

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