Charles (26 Apr 2015)
"A white rock and a new name"


You want a white rock and a new name Jesus gave me a sign as such tonight. I listened to a video by a popular pastor on YouTube tonight. He spoke of when a Roman soldier did something heroic or brave and noteworthy they would from Ceasar receive a white rock. They wore this rock in a necklace and anything they needed new sandals, a haircut, food, clothing, was free.

Jesus gives those who overcome through Him a white rock and a new name only He knows in Heavan. All things are the saints that overcome they are provided for for free all things given them. They give themselves as lambs to the Good Shepard who tends the flock for His father the Rightous King.

Walking tonight I was with my child thinking of this video and looked down to see a white Quartz rock. I told my child the story and He said you must share it so I am. My thought is God knew I would be there at that second looking down before creation.

You want the white rock the new name Jesus will give you. He is giving you all things as He was given by the Father and you in turn give all yourself back and He gives all to the Father. All one in righteousness. But we have to do something heroic. When Jesus knocks we have to open the door and let Him in. We have to lay down ourselves pick up His cross and follow Him home. We have to believe on Him and confess Jesus is Lord and that His Father raised Him from the dead. We have to confess Him before Men. We have to focus on Heavanly things while on the Earth.

And the Father will give us to Jesus. And when we get home Jesus will give us a white rock and a new name. To all who believe He gave the power and right to become the Sons of God through faith in his name. James said show me your faith I will show you my works that I may show you my faith.

God calls, He choses, He redeems, He sanctifies. When Jesus knocks open the door and let Him in follow Him home and you get a white rock a new name and all things are yours, your His, and He is the Fathers. You want a white rock do something heroic confess Him before men He enables you to do it.