Terri Hill (27 Apr 2014)
"Deliverance In Desperation"


When the strongman is descending in hot pursuit upon your trail,
and the voices all around would say that you are doomed to fail;

When the hosts of Egypt follow you, with their horsemen on your heels,
they will be thrown into confusion; God will strike their chariot wheels.

You may think that you will perish, but remind yourself of this:
it was never Godís intention to leave you in the wilderness.

His Cloud has gone ahead of you, and He directs you toward the land.
He has released you from captivity, from the grip of  Pharaohís hand.

When the dust from Pharaohís armies arise like clouds within the sky,
when you are threatened and in danger, He will save you just in time.

Even Pharaoh serves Godís purposes, though he is hardened and defiled;
he opposes Godís anointed, but they grow stronger all the while.

When oppression chases after you, and it comes from every side,
the Lord shall intervene for you; you will see His grace supplied.

Though the darkness hovers everywhere, a Pillar shines for you.
An Angel goes before you, and your opponents canít get through.

When all you see in front of you, is water, deep and wide,
with the rod of His deliverance, He will make the sea divide.

When your rations are depleted in your desperate circumstance,
when your enemies outnumber you, and you havenít got a chance;

Believe what God has promised, every word He speaks is true.
The Lord of hosts arises; watch what He will do!

He delivers from destruction, and from every evil power.
His favorite time to rescue you is at the midnight hour.

Behold the Lordís salvation, while your faith is being tried.
He makes a passage for your safety, wherein His name is glorified.

When every resource is exhausted, and everything is lost, it seems,
when you see your plans collapsing, then your God will intervene.

Terri Hill