Marilyn Agee (27 Apr 2014)
"Nando: Blood Moons Tetrad, amazing astronomical facts!"

From: Marilyn Agee
Thanks for your post.
Twice, I copied and pasted it into this. Twice, it disappeared, although margin list printed. Must be important. Here is a segment that will print.
“The author of the article below took Biltz discovery and expanded it to a much more elaborate astronomical study that considers geometric and mathematical symmetry to proof the unmistakably conclusion that this 2014-2015 tetrad of blood moons is heralding the end times plan of Jesus Christ, the Apocalypse, the Rapture, the Second Coming, the rise of the Antichrist, the False Prophet, their defeat, Satan’s defeat and the start of the one Thousand year Kingdom where Jesus will rule from Jerusalem with a rod of iron.”
April 6, 30 AD is the date of the Crucifixion. Our son David was born on April 6. Our daughter was born on May 29, which I hope will be the date of our Rapture this year. It was the second day of Pentecost in 30 AD.
According to Ed Vallow, the number 29 means departure. That sounds good. We will have a Wedding-Ring Eclipse on Nisan 29, April 29, 2014. Ascension Day/Rapture would fall on Iyar 29, May 29. That will be the time of first-ripe grapes (Song of Solomon 2; Isa 18).  The turtledoves arrive in Israel in April. The latter rain of the month of Nisan is over. Therefore Iyar makes sense.
We are the Temple of the Holy Spirit, and Solomon began to build the Temple in Iyar (I Kings 6:1).
The Hebrew and Gregorian calendars will no longer be aligned on Sivan 1, May 30.
Marilyn Agee
It looks like we had to wait for the first Total Lunar eclipse of the tetrad for the end time events to start, including the First-Trump Rapture. I expect all the end-time events within this tetrad except the Second Advent. I think it will be on the first day of the Jubilee Year, Sat. April 9, 2016, Nisan 1, 5776. April 9 was the date of the Resurrection in 30 AD. That will be a perfect day for the Second Advent. The Jubilee will be announced on the previous Day of Atonement.