JW (27 Apr 2014)
"My Dream of April 9th"

Hi John and Doves,
I am a daily reader and a very infrequent poster, and reluctant to post this dream,,but a few aspects of this dream were unusual.
I have been an avid student of eschatology for 30 years and a seeker of the truth for 45 or so. To say we have been mislead in our schools and history books is an understatement so I cherish the work being done by Christians worldwide and on sites like this one. Thank you John.
I rarely remember dreams and usually pass them off as an active result of my unconscious mind but,,, here it is for your perusal. I have trouble with a lot of the speculation about the AC and it being O, so I am surprised he was in this dream as I am not American.
It was the first day for me as a new fireman and the first day on the job for the new fire chief who happened to be Obama,,,we were on our first call to a high rise where someone had called in a fire. Both of us were in civilian clothes, leaning forward, arms on our knees in anticipation of what we may find on our first call.
O immediately went into the building with a group of firemen to assess the need for an evacuation while I stayed outside. I noticed smoke and fire coming from the top three floors and called to firemen leaning out the windows floors below that I could see smoke and flames.  They just laughed at the new guy, mocked me and dismissed my claims.
I tried calling O from my cell but couldnít connect and was starting to get a little frantic about evacuating the building so I called a 911 operator who was more sympathetic to my plight. She assured me that she would try to get through to the fire chief and have him evacuate the building. I canít recall the name of the building or the area but it was in my dream as well.
Thatís about it,, for what itís worth. Sort of like how some of us feel, telling people there is a fire but no one cares and some choose to laugh and mock us.  We quietly plant our seeds and pray that the Holy Spirit will water and nurture those we try to warn along the way.
God Bless you all,,, I have a very strange feeling we may be meeting sooner than later.