Joe Chappell (27 Apr 2013)
"Verse 666. The Third Temple... thanks Neil Lipkin"


Dear Doves,

A few years ago, I spent some time, looking for 666 Verses in the Bible. There are several. One that intrigues me, is found in Isaiah chapter 66:6.  I believe it may identify the very moment, when the Antichrist stands up in the temple, and proclaimes himself to be God. In the King James Version, The word voice is used 3 times. The first identifies the location, The City ( Jerusalem). The second is more specific, The Temple. The last is the response, God Himself speaks ! 

Jesus quoted from the book of Daniel when he said,  " When you see the abomination........", followed by a stern warning, " RUN " !!!
Does Isaiah 66 verse 6 pinpoint the very moment when the Antichrist, lifts  up his small voice like a noise ?
Is the word recompense,  the.  "sudden destruction " we have talked so much about?

Jesus stood in the temple one time ( the Holy Place ), and asked for a coin. He held it up, and said "whose image and inscription is this" ?  Was this a veiled reference to the image of the beast ? Was the inscription he referred to 666?  Yet another glimpse into the future? 

Doves,    Watching, warning,  waiting, joechappell