EAR (27 Apr 2014)
"Garry B (6 Apr 2014) "RE: Jane A - The `he` in Daniel 9 vs 27""


Hi Garry,
Your letter clearly identifies who the “he” is in Daniel 9:27.  It most certainly is Jesus Christ who fulfilled the 70th week Covenant of grace for the forgiveness of sins.
What many readers fail to recognize is that verse 24 of Daniel's prophecy actually outlines the Covenant details -
The historical period for the covenant’s fulfilment –
            “Seventy weeks are determined…”  – i.e. 490 years
The people and place for its fulfilment –
            “For your people and for your holy city” – i.e. The Jews and Jerusalem
The six clauses to be fulfilled to make the covenant operational –
            “To finish the transgression
            To make an end of sins,
            To make reconciliation for iniquity,
            To bring in everlasting righteousness,
            To seal up vision and prophecy,
            And to anoint the Most Holy.”
These six clauses were all fulfilled by Jesus Christ on the cross as is taught in Hebrews chapters 8 – 10.
Like you, rather than believe what is taught by American dispensationalist teachers and authors, I studied Daniel’s prophecy of 70 weeks for myself regarding what the Bible actually teaches, and posted a six part series of letters on this topic on 5 Doves back in 2006.  Unfortunately this material is not available on the original urls which appeared from the 15th – 20th May 2006, but John may know how to access it.
However, that edited material has now been turned into a book which I have self-published – “Daniel’s Prophecy of 70 Weeks and the Kingdom of the Jews” -  ISBN 978-0-9922452-5-2 - ear_nz@yahoo.com for information.
A further point can be made that the 70th week was completely fulfilled by Jesus and preached only to the Jews by His Apostles/Disciples; from the time Jesus accepted his mission Cf. Luke 4:18-21, telling his disciples to go to the lost sheep of the House of Israel; until the Gospel was officially preached to the High Priest and the Jewish Council, who rejected it outright leading to the martyrdom of Stephen in Acts 7.  This seven year period, when Jesus was cut off in the middle of it, took place (according to many historians’ reckoning) between 27 and 34 A.D. It was only after this covenant week had been fulfilled that the persecution of Christians broke out, driving all but the Apostles out of Jerusalem within twelve years.  The great commission was to start at Jerusalem and it was only after the death of Stephen that the Gospel was made available to the Gentiles, starting at the house of Cornelius.
As you have found, personal Bible study hand-in-hand with the Holy Spirit is most rewarding…. Bless You.