Donna Danna (27 Apr 2014)

According to Rev. 21:16, "the length and breadth (width) and height" of New Jerusalem are equal which means that it is either shaped like a pyramid or shaped like a cube with six square sides. 
However, I discovered that you can transform the cube with six square sides into the shape of a cross, by opening the cube of New Jerusalem up.  First find a square cardboard box shaped like a cube, then cut along just 3 sides on TOP of the cube like this |_|.  It will make a lid that you can flip up straight at the front of the cube.  Then cut downward along the 2 sides at the front of the cube, and make 2 cuts downward at the sides at the back of the cube.  You have made 7 cuts altogether.   The back of the cube will become the head of the cross as you straighten the cube so that is completely flat.  You will then have six squares that are shaped like a cross with 4 vertical squares, and 2 horizontal squares as the arms of the cross made out of a six sided square cube. 
If you don't have a cube shaped square box, just cut out six squares of cardboard all the same size.  Then place them in the shape of a cross so that there are 4 vertical squares in a row, and 2 horizontal squares placed to make the arms of the cross, and tape the cross together at the seams of the squares.  The cross can then be folded up to form a cube shape.  With the cross lying flat, fold the 2 arms of the cross upwards and fold the head of the cross upwards so that the arms of the cross join the sides of the  head of the cross.  Then take the 2 squares at the foot of the cross, and fold them upward on their seam lines so that the very bottom square at foot of the cross joins the head of  the cross making it a cube shape like New Jerusalem.
The length, width and height of New Jerusalem is twelve thousand furlongs (Rev. 21:16).  One furlong is 660 ft so 12,000 furlongs x  660 ft. = 7,920,000 ft. x  4 sides of each square of the cube = 31,680,000 which can be divided by the Greek gematria of LORD JESUS CHRIST 3168 = 10,000 (Ten thousands of His saints.)