Dee (27 Apr 2013)
"Today's stock market numbers"

Since the big stock market drop of 777 points, I have gotten in the habit of checking the numbers every day, particularly the Dow.   Usually there isn’t much to see.   But today’s (April 9) Dow went up 181 points, or 1.11%.   Of course we have pondered that 111 number for a long time; I love to see it because it reminds me He is coming!

The 181 rang a bell, as it well should.   UN Resolution 181 is the one that ended up creating a nation in a day, singed on Nov 29, 1947 and resulting in the creation of the Nation of Israel.  

And according to the Bible Wheel, 181 means “I am with thee”, as well as a number of other meanings (ie peace, wrath, on the throne) according to this link:

Interestingly enough, today’s S&P went up 20.22 points or 1.09 %.  I was so encouraged by the Dow numbers that I looked up 222 and 109 (using the Five Doves search function) and found that 109 is a number associated with destruction and 222 has many meaning ( like The Voice of God, His Words, get understanding.  

I don’t declare any of this prophecy, but I do take heart at being reminded of these realities: He is with me, He is in control, all details are under his command.

He IS coming, soon and very soon!