Dave (27 Apr 2014)
"Re: Pastor Bob's Ref. to Jane A., Gary B. and Daniel 9:27"

Hello Pastor Bob:
I enjoyed reading and studying your above referenced post you made on April 18, 2014 (I read it several times as a matter of fact). I wonder if you would be willing to take the time to post the Hebrew text you used as the root for your literal translation. I'm not a Hebrew Scholar, however I would like to compare the 'jots and tittles' of the Hebrew text you used to that of the 'Hebrew Old Testament (Tenach) Interlinear' text I have available on my e-Sword Bible study program, which as far as I know is the text the AV translators used to bring forth the Authorized King James Bible:
Dan 9:26   ואחריH310 And after  השׁבעיםH7620 weeks  שׁשׁיםH8346 threescore  ושׁניםH8147 and two  יכרתH3772 be cut off,  משׁיחH4899 shall Messiah  ואיןH369 but not  לו  והעירH5892 the city  והקדשׁH6944 and the sanctuary;  ישׁחיתH7843 shall destroy  עםH5971 for himself: and the people  נגידH5057 of the prince  הבאH935 that shall come  וקצוH7093 and the end  בשׁטףH7858 thereof with a flood,  ועדH5704 and unto  קץH7093 the end  מלחמהH4421 of the war  נחרצתH2782 are determined.  שׁממות׃H8074 desolations
Dan 9:27   והגבירH1396 And he shall confirm  בריתH1285 the covenant  לרביםH7227 with many  שׁבועH7620 week:  אחדH259 for one  וחציH2677 and in the midst  השׁבועH7620 of the week  ישׁביתH7673 to cease,  זבחH2077 he shall cause the sacrifice  ומנחהH4503 and the oblation  ועלH5921 and for  כנףH3671 the overspreading  שׁקוציםH8251 of abominations  משׁמםH8074 he shall make desolate,  ועדH5704 even until  כלהH3617 the consummation,  ונחרצהH2782 and that determined  תתךH5413 shall be poured  עלH5921 upon  שׁמם׃H8074
Dave Watchman