Clay Cantrell (27 Apr 2014)
"Dream of Being Caught Up to the Backwards Church"

Readers -

Early in the morning of 4.17.14, I had the following short dream: 

While sleeping on my back, I felt myself rise up slowly off the bed and float towards the ceiling. As this has happened several times in the past, I was excited to think I was maybe going up to Heaven again. I noted while rising, that my body was abnormally (rigidly) horizontal, holding the position I had while in bed. After a very short amount of time, my ascension rate slowed way down and I left my room through the ceiling (?) entering a shallow area with a distinctly dull gold color. Before me on the ceiling (?) was a two foot diameter medallion with a Floral motive of some kind on it. It was something like a stained glass design you see in a church, but it was not glass.  The floret design appeared to be a brown color on the same dull gold background, with a brown ring around it. 

I passed horizontally through this medallion (seal?) and standing upright, passed up through the floor of what appeared to be a church sanctuary. I dematerialized to go slowly through the floor and found myself standing at the center back of the sanctuary or meeting room. The sanctuary was a large horizontal room with carpet in it of the same dull gold color. There were about four rows of pews in the middle of the room, and they were about half filled. I heard a male voice that was preaching, but I saw no one up front standing before the people. I then noticed to my right, and in the back corner of the room, stood a white male, 40-something preacher at a pulpit preaching, wearing a dark blue coat. The crowd was faced forward, not looking at him. His voice was monotone, and I don't remember nor could I understand anything he said., but he seemed to see me. He looked ate briefly as I looked at him. 

I wondered what church this was, and so, still standing up, I began looking for a bulletin in the back of the pews in the middle rows. Finding none, I walked around to the left front pew, and looked there, but found none. A man sitting in the front pew glanced at me casually, then turned his face back to the front. Feeling self-conscious about walking around in the middle of service, I quickly looked in the second row of pews and finally found a bulletin. 

Across the top of the bulletin was the name of the town and state I live in. On the cover of the bulletin was the black silhouette of a man looking into a telescope which was on a tripod. The telescope was level and pointed to the far right. The ground, the man, and the telescope were all silhouetted. The horizon line was at about the half way point of the bulletin.  The sky was that brilliant red orange color the sky becomes at sunset, and that was my sense of it. The scene was near the end of sunset, though in the sky, there were no stars showing - it was all red orange. The man looking through the telescope appeared to be looking towards the sun as it set, at the horizon line - which meant he was facing west. That being the case, then I (standing in the middle row holding the bulletin) and the people, were facing south; the preacher was also facing south preaching. That means he was standing in the northwest corner of the room, preaching to the backs of the people. This seemed to be perfectly normal to everyone, and no one in the crowd was turning around to hear him, as you might expect. I thought it peculiar. 

I awoke.