Randy (30 Apr 2013)
"Where are we now?  The Rapture is When??"


So much for the spring feasts.....unless something happens on Pentecost.
Pentecost is when? May 19.  Just 3 weeks........probably not  (?)
Ok then......anything happening over the summer, up to Rosh Hashanah in September?   Sept 4-6....one fo the earliest Rosh's ever.......similar to this Easter....one fo the earliest ever as well.
What's ahead in the next 4 months?  May thru August....
1) LOTS of rhetoric from Israeli leaders about the need for IRAN to be given an ultimatum about stopping their nuke program, or else face military action.  (by the US?  by Israel?  by BOTH?)
2) Netenyahu's RED LINE thrown out at the UN last September is FAST APPROACHING!!!
3) Obama's RED LINE on Syria using chemical weapons is already HERE now.  What will he do, if anything?  And will Syria throw "everything they have at" Israel if we act?  
4) Will ANY of this happen in May, June, July or August??   Or will it all just drag on and on....once again.
4) ON the economy......nothing is fixed....and the markets are back to record highs......and more and more finance guys are looking for the collapse "during Obama's 2nd term."  Oh, could it be?
Will it take the RAPTURE to make all the domioes collapse?   (Which is my position....STILL!)
Otherwise......we're looking at Rosh Hashanah 2013 then....Sept 4-6.  Could it be then??
HEY...if NOT.......then only 4 more months until the end of 2013.  I saw a post last week saying someone's child had "heard from God" it would be (The Rapture) yet in 2013....but "after" her birthday, which made it in the fall of 2013.
Well.....we've ALL had our opinions.....dreams.....etc, etc....  will ANY of us be right?
Is ANYTHING for certain?
If ANYTHING IS for certain......could it be that Israel goes after Iran BEFORE the end of August?  July?
Did the USA military sale of advanced weapons to Israel BUY the right, for the USA to say WHEN and IF on Israel's strike on Iran?   PROBABLY!!      ??????
TICK TOCK.......
I know this much......we are SO MUCH CLOSER to the Rapture than we were after 9-11.
And....Israel will be 70 years old in JUST another 5 years!!!   BIG THINGS happen at 70!!, historically, for Israel.
I do hope we dont' have 5 MORE YEARS TO WAIT!!  (UGH!!)