Jean Stepnoski (2 Apr 2013)
"The Second Passover On Iyar 14: "This Is The Cup In My Blood""


Dear Doves,
   According to Ray Vander Laan, an important statement was made by Messiah/Christ to His disciples (talmidim) during the Last Supper, the final Passover Seder in His life, as the evening of Nisan 14 began. When Yahushua (Yeshua/Jesus Christ) said "This is the cup in my blood" he expressed what a prospective Jewish groom would say to the bride of his choice. Said to his intended bride and wife, these were the words of marriage proposal! In drinking from the cup He gave to them, for each to drink, each agreed to be His bride. So the friends with Him became the first of the bride of Messiah/Christ. The bride price, extremely high, was contracted for and agreed to at Gethsemane. The bride price, agreed upon and promised, was paid in full at Golgotha (Calvary) by the groom/husband Yahushua (Yeshua/Jesus Christ).
   There are three nights associated with Passover in The Scriptures. They are Nisan 14 and 15 and Iyar 14. One can say aloud the words of The Master and drink from The Cup of Redemption annually on Nisan 14. This is number 3 of the 4 one drinks during the Seder. The last, number 4, is called The Cup of Praise. In drinking from the cup 3, one can renew one's intent to become initially or remain part of His bride and body. Second Passover "with unleavened bread and bitter herbs" gives the last opportunity at Iyar 14 annually to affirm or reaffirm this as part of a Passover Seder. Passover is so important to our Creator and Sustainer, Abba Father, that it is the ONLY Feast of the Lord which is offered twice, on Nisan 14 and Iyar 14. The original Passover was the evening beginning Nisan 15. There is no annual second opportunity for Days of Unleavened Bread, or Pentecost (Shavuot, or any of the other Feasts of the Lord. The Second Passover is Scripturally declared to be one day annually, according to Numbers 9: 6-14. The story related in 2 Chronicles 30: 1-3 relates to one time in only one year when Second Passover was allowed to be longer. This clearly did not set new halacha, any new additional Torah commandment. No precedent was established for a Second Passover longer than a day or a Second Unleavened Bread Feast of the Lord.
   If any Dove doubts that Second Passover is any more than one day according to The Scriptures in Numbers 9: 6-14, please research it yourself. Do research on the internet or contact a rabbi to inquire. An informative source is for more information. The Second Passover in 2013, according to the moon conjunction calendar called the Hillel Calendar, will be 4-24 to 25. There will be NO Second Unleavened Bread Feast of the Lord, NO ADDITIONAL DAYS OF UNLEAVENED BREAD, after the Second Passover on Scriptural month 2 day 14 in 2013. Look to THE WORD, THE SCRIPTURES for eternal truths. What if there is a dream, or interpretation, or vision which refutes what is clear in THE SCRIPTURES, as in Numbers 9: 6-14? Such is not the same as THE SCRIPTURES, nor does such outrank THE SCRIPTURES.
With Love and Shalom,