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"2008 was a precursor- the Chinese aren't telling the truth about it, and it's one province above Myanmar"

In my February 2013 post I asked, do you need a deadlier picture?
Now we could be just days away from it.
Why the recent earthquakes in China will be more deadly than anyone could have possibly imagined-

Deadly Magnitude-6.6 Quake Hits China's Sichuan 

Sat Apr 20th, 2013

The 6.6 magnitude quake struck in Lushan county, near the city of Ya'an in the southwestern province of Sichuan. The shallow earthquake struck the Sichuan province on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau.

More than 840 aftershocks followed.

A  devastating 7.9 quake hit close to the same area in May 2008, that left 87,000 people dead or missing in that massive earthquake.
Earthquakes frequently strike the country's southwest region.
Ya'an is a city of 1.5 million people. 
It's also home to China's massive dug out tunnels that house the Asian giant's deadly stockpile of nuclear weaponry.
U.S. study claims massive underground Chinese nuclear stockpile
Dec. 1st, 2011
In 2008, Phillip Karber was volunteering on a committee for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, a U.S. Pentagon agency charged with countering weapons of mass destruction, when
The chairman of Karber’s committee noticed Chinese news accounts reporting that thousands of radiation technicians were rushing to the region. Then came pictures of strangely collapsed hills and speculation that the caved-in tunnels in the area had held nuclear weapons.
Find out what’s going on, the chairman asked Karber, who began looking for analysts again - this time among his students at Georgetown University.
For the past three years, a small band of obsessively dedicated students at Georgetown University has studied what the Chinese have called their “Underground Great Wall” - a vast network of tunnels designed to hide their country’s increasingly sophisticated missile and nuclear arsenal.
The 65 yr old hard-charging professor, claims that the "Underground Wall of China" hides a more massive and sophisticated nuclear arsenal than the U.S. or any other government suspects.  According to Karber, judging from the scale of China's underground network of tunnels in the Sichuan Province, China's nuclear warheads could be as many as 3,000.
Myanmar is positioned as a land bridge between China and India in the middle of Southeast Asia.  And I pointed to China's increased interest in Myanmar in my February post-
January 22nd, 2013

Oil and natural gas travelling from the Middle East to China may begin to bypass the traditional Strait of Malacca shipping route as soon as the end of May 2013, reported state-owned Xinhua News Agency, following the projected completion of a 1,100km Sino-Myanmar pipeline that will transport energy imports to China’s Yunnan province via Myanmar’s Indian Ocean coast.
China's Yunnan Province is the one right below Sichuan.
At present, about 80 per cent of China’s crude oil imports are transported through the strategically important Strait of Malacca, but the new oil pipeline is expected to reduce China’s reliance on that route by about one-third.
The new pipelines “provide China with an alternative supply route should the Strait of Malacca ever be blocked,” said Stephanie Kleine-Ahlbrandt, northeast Asia director at International Crisis Group.
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