Frank Molver (30 Apr 2013)
"Gino re timing of rapture"
Good point, Daniel knew of the 70 year prophecy but he may not have known from which day it started
Kind of like us here
The debate seems to center around what a generation is and when the starting point is
40 or 70 years
The rebirth of Israel or Jerusalem
The bible does seem to focus of Jerusalem, the place of the Temple and the Crucifixion, but 40 years has passed, and I am hoping is isn't 70, which would make it around 2038
So I am hoping it is 70 years from the rebirth of Israel in 1948, which would make it around 2018
So, when does it happen pre wrath [3 1/2 years] or pre 7 years.
I don't know, but to me it seems pre wrath
But we have all been wrong a few times at least.