Randy (11 Apr 2012)
"Rapture on Rosh Hashanah - During the Fall Jewish Feast -Feast of Trumpets (2012?)"

Early on in my study of End Times Bible Prophecy.....  maybe 4 years after I started this journey in the fall of 1997.....
I decided to ask God "Lord.....we may not be able to know THE day of the Rapture, but can we KNOW the "time of the year" for the Rapture?"
I asked this while in my car traveling through Denver in early 2001.
In the next 7 days, 2 different sources taught me about the "Parallel of the Jewish Feasts and the first and second coming of Jesus Christ."
I had never heard of this before.  But by now, almost ALL of us here at Five Doves know about this...whether you beleive it or not.
I do believe it.
And "the" Feast both sources talked about as "the" Feast for the Rapture was:
ROSH HASHANAH, in the Fall.  The Feast of Trumpets.
My souces were:
1)  Zola Levitt - A Messianic Jew.   He was ADAMANT that the Rapture would be on Rosh Hashanah- Feast of Trumpets (Zola is dead now.....TV show still on sometimes)
2) Focus on the Family radio show, with a guest talking about the Rapture and the Jewish Feasts.
So, the Fall Feast of Rosh Hashanah has always held my attention each year since then as if the Rapture COULD happen then.  (I also watch the spring feasts.....becuase I have seen a good case made for them as well....  hey, I've never heard God's voice in my ear delcaring "Yes Randy.....the Rapture is on Rosh Hashanah......!)  lol.....   Wish I HAD!!
Let's face it.....aren't we all doing some speculation with every date anyone thinks may be important for "the" date for the Rapture??
Here's as good a case any I"ve read....about why Rosh Hashanah is "the" time of the year...."the" Jewish Feast.....for the Rapture.
I've had ONE Jewish Feast date planted firmly in my mind:  Rosh Hashanah
I've had only ONE DATE, as "the" date for the Rapture..planted fimrly in my mind:
Rosh Hashanah, 2012.... (Read my next post today)
I have to say.....If we get past Rosh Hashanah.......and get past all of 2012....and there is NO Rapture......  I'm out of date options......I'm DONE.....  and I will have to admit that I know nothing more, than like so many people on Five Doves over the last 14 years who I have seen go "all in" on a Rapture date...and that date came....and went.....and we were still here.
Tick Tock......??
I hope so....