Matthew (16 Apr 2012)
"Will There Even Be A Stock Market Soon?"

Well I think we can all agree that the Stock Market should have collapsed many months ago and yet despite all that is being reported whether good news or bad news, stocks keep going up until recently. The Stock Market has been losing some steam lately in the past week and then the other day the stocks went back up and then they went back down...very exhausting to say the least.  I think we can all agree that the whole system is being rigged and munipulated like never before.   Just recently there was another U.S. credit downgrade by "Egan-Jones" and nothing in the media was said about it, and was completely ignored by the markets.  See complete article at The So-Called Prosperity Since 1980  
All it really comes down to is that its a huge casino for the elite's of the world and that the Stock Market really doesn't even have anything to do with the real state of the world's economy's at all.  

So when is this going to crash and will there even be a stock market soon??  Well I've come to the conclusion and I'm sure many others will agree with me that the only way this whole thing is going to crash will the be the "Rapture of the Bride of Christ".  Because it will be such a huge worldwide event that when all born again believers are removed off this sin infected planet, it will trigger such a massive panic and fear like never before that it will cause all markets, no matter how much money is printed to be forced to crash and shut down. Since there will most likely be a one world currency(a brand new money system) during the time of "Jacob's Trouble", there most likely won't even be a stock market.  At that time when we are gone(should be any moment now), every thing will change very quickly and God's prophetic word will come to pass very quickly.

So what I'm saying is that how we live and do business now will change dramatically during that time.  Its hard to imagine what life is going to be like when we are gone and the bottom line is you don't want to be here when it happens.  So to those elite's out there, don't think you have all the time in the world to keep betting on the cursed market and thinking nobody's watching what you're doing, because God is watching, keeping record and he knows what it going to happen very soon, unless the repent while there is still time.

Time is ticking and the hour glass is almost empty and God will only allow this world to go so far before He comes to rescue us from the wrath to come.

Stay encouraged brothers and sisters of the Lord, and keep your eyes on Him and His soon arrival instead of this pathetic "artificially cursed stock market", because where God's children are going there will be no casinos,risky bets, or phony stock markets!!

Come Lord Jesus, We Are Waiting For You!!!