Lauren (20 Apr 2012)
"re: Luis Vega  New World Order Countdown to a Post Apocalyptic World 2013?"

Hello Luis, John and doves,
Tom Horn's latest on 'Petrus Romanus' witnesses to 2013 or 5773 on the Hebraic calendar, we have been proclaiming Passover March 25, 2013 for the past 26 months as the time of 'redemption"! 
March 22, 2013 is the day we believe Revelation 12:7-9 is fulfilled as war breaks out in heaven and Satan and his angels are cast to earth and arrive in the "storm of the LORD" and three days of darkness on Passover March 25, 2013.
This link highlights Mr. Horn's work and my insight on this most urgent time that sits just 11 months ahead of us.
Preparations mentally, physically and spiritually must be on a heightened time of awareness mode, let us not get caught unawares.
An Ezekiel 33:6 watching one