Jean Stepnoski (9 Apr 2012)
"Second Passover in 2012: 5-5-2012"

Dear Doves,
      Passover is not complete each year until the Second Passover. This event was granted by request of men in the times of Moses and Aaron who had been defiled and therefore disqualified from participation in First Passover. The Second Passover was observed for one night, of month 2 and day 14, still near the beginning of the new Scriptural Year. On the Gregorian Calendar Iyar 14 will begin the evening of 5-5-2012, leaving the Shabbat. It is day 44 of the Spiritual Year. It is the 12 year anniversary of the marriage announcement concerning planetary placement, on 5-5-2000, according to Calvin at RFTH. The date of month 5 and day five is a 55. This is gamatria for the bride number, number 55! It will be day 125 of the Gregorian Calendar Year. Second Passover contains the themes of the First Passover. The first of the mature barley, like a tithe, had been reaped and offered as of Nisan 16-17 on the Feast of Firstfruits. From  Nisan 14 to Iyar 14 is 28 days for the barley harvest to be completely reaped, be complete or at fullness.The barley grain would be in the barn. "But the fruitful ears to store. In His garner evermore." Remember the concept of the bringing in of "the fullness of the Gentiles." For Israel of old, there was one barley harvest. The Master was THE BEGINNING, like a tithe of the mature barley. He is the head of the harvest,  the remainder is His body. He calls Himself the BEGINNING AND THE ENDING, THE FIRST AND THE LAST. Why would not His body/bride be spiritually symbolic of THE FULLNESS AND COMPLETION of the barley? This associates or links to Second Passover rather than Ascension Day or Pentecost. The barley is over by either of these later dates. Pentecost links to the saints of the tribulum, the tribulation period of the later wheat harvest.
      Few know about the Second Passover, it is not a Feast of the Lord or a Sabbath. This year it begins as the Shabbat is concluding. Second Passover is an obscure event, little known by Jews or Gentiles alike. Messiah/Christ promises to come on a day few expect, when few anticipate His arrival. Will the Second Passover at the midnight hour be momentous? Will Elijah arrive that night near the midnight hour? Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,