Donna Danna (25 Apr 2012)

Torah Codes have been found showing that Lord RayEl is the Messiah, and you will hear Lord RayEl speaking in the video in the first link below.  Since our Lord Jesus Christ is the real Messiah, is this Lord RayEl the Antichrist?  There is also a mention of the UFO seen over Jerusalem, and Lord RayEl states that the armies of heaven are fast approaching so it makes me wonder if these armies would be arriving in a fleet of UFO's to deceive the people of the world.
Israel's "Messiah Prophecy" Came True on April 12th!
On this page are 17 videos in regards to Lord RayEl.
(I haven't had an opportunity to listen to them all yet.)
According to Lord RayEl's website at Lord RayEl's real name is Raymond Elwood who was conceived on 10/18/1967 and was born on Orthodox Pentecost 6/09/1968.  He was born in the state of Illinois, U.S.   He belongs to the Knight's Templar and is part of the Masonic brotherhood.
On this page at it explains why Lord RayEl isn't the Antichrist, and that George Soros was the man of lawlessness in 2 Thess. 2:1-4.  What nonsense.  All I can say is don't be deceived by this Lord RayEl and his website's explanations of what is in the Bible.  This same website link states that the two witnesses (Rev. 11) are Harold Camping and Robert Fitzpatrick.  These men didn't testify for 1260 days dressed in sackcloth nor did fire come out of their months.  They didn't die nor were they resurrected from the dead, but wait to you read the explanation for the two witnesses which is ridiculous.