Charles Holler (6 Apr 2012)
"Tebow 3:16 also a rapture qualifier?"

Greetings John and Doves,
       I see 3:16 all the time now. It's like the 111's and I still see them. I started looking at other 3:16's besides John and the first one that really caught my attention was what seemed to be a qualifier for the rapture. There was about a 400-500 year time difference between the Old and New Testament and the last book of the Old Testament was their Revelation and has all kinds of things pointing to the coming of The Messiah......Elijah will come, Hearts of the father will be turned to their children, the proud will be stubble......and so on. Then Perry Stone pointed to Malachi  3:16,17  and how those that fear the Lord, and speak often to one another, this caused the Lord to hearken and He heard them and made a book of remembrance for them that feared His Name and thought about Him often and in that day that He makes His jewels, He will spare them as a man that spareth His own son. WOW What is He sparing them from? It must be His wrath. What are the qualifications?
1 Fear Him
2 Talk about Him often
3 think upon His Name often
This was very encouraging. Then I started looking at all the other 3:16's like Josua 3:16 and it's about the parting of the Jordan river as they cross over into the Promised land. There are 39 books in the old Testament, n but 11 have no 3rd chapter or 16th verse in a third chapter. Then 15 of the remaining 28 (over half) have a direct reference to deliverance in the last days or how to get saved or forgiven. I haven't done all of the New Testament yet but the first  6 are all about being saved, like John 3:16. I did however look at Revelation 3:16 and it was very sobering. You can read it yourself below after the Malachi verses.
Charles Holler Sr
Mal 3:16
ThenH227 they that fearedH3373 the LORDH3068 spakeH1696 often oneH376 toH854 another:H7453 and the LORDH3068 hearkened,H7181 and heardH8085 it, and a bookH5612 of remembranceH2146 was writtenH3789 beforeH6440 him for them that fearedH3372 the LORD,H3068 and that thoughtH2803 upon his name.H8034
Mal 3:17
And they shall beH1961 mine, saithH559 the LORDH3068 of hosts,H6635 in that dayH3117 whenH834 IH589 make upH6213 my jewels;H5459 and I will spareH2550 H5921 them, asH834 a manH376 sparethH2550 H5921 his own sonH1121 that servethH5647 him.
Rev 3:16
So thenG3779 becauseG3754 thou artG1488 lukewarm,G5513 andG2532 neitherG3777 coldG5593 norG3777 hot,G2200 I willG3195 spueG1692 theeG4571 out ofG1537 myG3450 mouth.G4750