Bruce Warner (3 Apr 2012)

Dear Doves,
Numbers 33:50-56
"Now the Lord spoke to Moses in the plains of Moab by the Jordan River, across from Jerico, saying, Speak to the children of Israel, and say to them, When you have crossed the Jordan River into the land of Canaan, (The Promised Land),  THEN YOU SHALL DRIVE OUT ALL THE INHABITANTS of the land from before you, DESTROY ALL THEIR ENGRAVED STONES, DESTROY ALL THEIR MOLDED IMAGES, AND DEMOLISH ALL THEIR HIGH PLACES (Dome of the Rock mosque); you shall dispossess the inhabitants of the land and dwell in it, FOR I HAVE GIVEN YOU THE LAND TO POSSESS............BUT IF YOU DO NOT DRIVE OUT THE INHABITANTS of the land from before you, THEN ITSHALL BE that those whom you let remain SHALL BE IRRITANTS IN YOUR EYES AND THORNS IN YOUR SIDES, AND THEY SHALL HARASS YOU IN THE LAND WHERE YOU DWELL.  MOREOVER, IT SHALL BE THAT I WILL DO TO YOU AS I THOUGHT TO DO TO THEM."  
When God issues a 'standing order'  to the Israelites He expects it to be carried out to the letter. When God caused His holy city and the temple mount to be re-possessed by Israel in 1967, He did not want Jerusalem to be divided and shared with the Muslims. He wanted them to be "driven out." He wanted Israel to be the sole occupant of His holy city and temple mount. He did not want the Dome of the Rock mosque to be left standing.  He wanted it demolished! Because the Israelites disobeyed God's 'standing order' He will accomplish His goals during His coming vengeance upon Israel which is the Gog-Magog War - more commonly referred to as the 'great tribulation of Israel'.
They just don't listen! Even after 2,000 years of dispersion and after God brings them back into their Promised Land for the second time - They just don't listen!
According to Your Word, come Lord Jesus!
Bruce Warner