WWA (27 Apr 2011)
""Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow""

Dear John, the 5 Doves and all those who visit the 5 Doves Website,
I have been visiting The 5 doves Website now for close to 4 years and I have never written here before.  My eagerness was always to learn from all of you who have done the studying and legwork, to perhaps find out and look forward to that glorious day, when the Savoir returns for all those who love Him and have been saved according to John 3:16.
I have read writings from hard studying Christians who have spent many, many hours, days, weeks, and some for years studying and looking for that exact day, or that time of His return, which some believe is revealed in the Holy Bible.  I have also read about dreams so vivid, even dreams of cloud formations that depict the day of the Glorious Rapture.  Dreams and visions that many people would describe as psychotic or a little looney at the least.  Most all of these dreams and visions, with the exception of the most recent, have proven untrue, or at least unfulfilled.  All of the dates given, right on the 5 doves website, have been all completely wrong although each and every writer was certain he or she would be the correct estimater.  Every single estimate of a date, up to this date, has obviously all been incorrect.
Most of these times, the hard work and excellent writings have had me believing too that the exact date was at hand, I still find myself walking around outside or driving around and looking up to the skies because I absolutely Love the Appearing of my Savoir.  I yearn for it just as all of you do.  This earth is not my home, it is not where I belong, I pray for my redemption just as all of you do.  I will be thrilled the day I see my Lord in person, just like all of you.  Like all of you, I know our time left here on earth is very short.
Many times I check out the letters, I scramble through and read what might catch my eyes.  Many of the letters I miss because of time constraints.  Yesterday I missed Kristy Bridges' letter and request for prayer.  Today, I saw others responses and went back and read hers.  God Bless her and her family, these days are so very difficult for many, many people.  I can only imagine the difficulty she is going through.  I believe there are thing we just cannot understand here on the earth.
A little over a year ago my Mother was killed in a car wreck.  She survived for a few hours afterwards, but her injuries were too grievous, she just couldn't overcome it all.  My mother is with the Lord now waiting for her resurrection.  She lived a couple hours away from me and I rushed to the hospital that day to try and see her before she died.  I was too late but they left her body there in the ICU for me to see her.  Lord knows it was not easy for me to see her like that, her body was mangled, she suffered for a few hours; I cried my eyes and my heart out over her.  Her pastor was there along with my sister and my best friend.  Just before we left, I gathered us all around her body and we held hands and I led the singing..........
"Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow"
"Praise Him All Creatures Here Below"
"Praise Him Above His Heavenly Hosts"
"Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost"
I learned that from my childhood in the baptist church, the "Doxology".  Although I no longer attend a baptist church, I still use this song of praise in all my prayers.  We are to give thanks in all things.  We are to always praise His name, no matter what happens to us........"Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow..........."
>From now on, I will read every prayer request I see on the 5 doves and pray for each and every person I see or know needs prayer.  Prayer is the greatest act we can do, I think.  One or two praying is great, many praying is greater, countless prayers are the greatest.
Thank you for indulging me in my writing today, Godspeed to all of you; never stop praying and never stop watching for and loving His appearing.
Welcome to the Doves, WWA!