Will Schumacher (6 Apr 2011)
"is this why God used 3/11 as rapture pointer"

All the rapture numbers associated with Japan's 3-11 earthquake,tsunami, and nuclear event are truly astounding
But why might God have used this nuclear event to point to the rapture?
From Denis Hart's post on Monday
 "The video highlighted that the word heaven in Luke 21 derives from the Greek word ouranos, or Uranus - the seventh planet from the Sun.  This word ouranus is used for heaven extensively throughout the New Testament, and clearly has a wider meaning.  What is amazing is that uranium, the core of nuclear power, is also named after Uranus! "
From Clay Cantrell
"Enoch is 7th generation from Adam (per Jude). Enoch Hebrew value is 84.
Uranus is 7th planet from sun.
Uranus orbital period = 84 years."

Thus, Enoch = Uranus
395=gematria heaven from gen 1:1
84=enoch gematria
311x2=enoch born
3-11 was 442 days before 5-26-12
A while back I saw a documentary on the shroud of turin and they said if the shroud is real the only way it could have been imprinted on the cloth was by a nuclear energy"type" of event.  So the resurrection was a nuclear type of event.
So is the connection showing the rapture/resurrection a nuclear energy type of event.
will schumacher