Will Schumacher (1 Apr 2011)
"re mercer and pentecost"

I believe you are 100% right on about pentecost being the rapture.  Pentecost seems to be all about the marriage of God to his people.  God was betrothed to His people on pentecost.  He gave the gift of the Holy Spirit on pentecost.  It makes sense that He comes to get His bride on pentecost.  God is consistent.
Pentecost is the fulfillment of Passover.  Christ as the passover lamb was the price paid for the bride.
Pentecost is the feast of first fruits.  We are called the first fruits in Rev 14.
Pentecost is the start of the wheat harvest.  The church is the wheat.
Enoch is the best example of the rapture and he was born and translated on pentecost.
Ruth is read every pentecost
Symbolism of Jesus presenting Himself before God on First fruits was seen with the waving of the sheaf.  Pentecost has the waving of the 2 loaves with leaven before God.
3 times males are commanded to appear before God.  Jesus already did that at firstfruits during Feast of unleavened bread.  Next up is pentecost.  Feast Of tabernacles is the millenial reign.
The verse no man knows the day or hour except my father alone is as you know highly controversial.  Did Jesus symbolically say I am returning on the feast of trumpets (for the jewish remnant).  Looking at that through jewish 1st century eyes it is hard to argue against it.
I do know that God Himself has highlighted 2008 to 2015 all by Himself with the seeming 2nd fulfillment of the 7 weeks of Daniel from June 7, 1967 to Sept 23, 2015-Day of Atonement.  Coupled with the 4 lunar and 2 solar eclipses on GOD'S feast days.
He then had the Dow drop 777 points 7 years earlier feast of trumpets.  2730 years before that is Sept 723 bc.  Eerily close to when history tells us that the northern kingdom is conquered for 390 years of inequity.  7 times punishment from Leviticus =2730 years. My gut says that it is dead on.
And as I have posted many times before sept 29, 2008(777 drop) + 1335 days=pentecost 2012
exactly 45 x365 days from June 7, 1967
45=inheritance, Joshua 14-Israel received inheritance 45 years later
365=age of enoch when translated
This is all highlighted by God-man doesn't have to do anything
There is much more to it than that.  But I say stay steadfast on pentecost-but you have to wait another year
Will Schumacher