Walt (29 Apr 2011)
"RE: Barry Amundsen OSAS"

I was born of my earthly father and earthly mother. I am their son. Nothing on earth can change that fact no matter what our relationship is. How much more firm is our birth into God's family. Once born again always born again. God suddenly has responsibility and authority to raise me in a way that I can fit into His eternity. For some of His the task is easier than for others just as it is with our own children but we never give up or disown our children and our Heavenly Father will NEVER give up on us. He will succeed in getting us through that little wicket gate!!(Bunyan). You do not seem to understand how much God loves all of us and will do what is needed to provide for those that are His own and paid for by His Blood. Those that sadly reject the sacrifice that Jesus made for us He has no authority to raise them up any more than you or I have authority to raise up or discipline our neighbor's child.
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