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"[Revelation2217] Easter 6.2 Indonesia Earthquake - Prophetic..."


Monday, I was informed of the 6.2 Indonesia Earthquake that took place, and I decided to check it out.   But first, if you haven’t already read my last email about the 241 Tornadoes, you should read it.   It is archived here:




You will see that I spent a significant amount of time discussing the framework of scripture, specifically mentioning:


As it turns out… the first mention of BROOK in the KJV Bible is in the same position from the beginning:


Verse # 952

Gen 32:23

And he took them,H3947 and sent them overH5674 the brook,H5158 and sent overH5674 that he had.


When I saw the earthquake, I measured the distance to my parent’s home.




Look at the distance… to my parent’s home…


Webster’s Vol 1 Word # 7249 = Brook




Verse # 4320

Num 20:8

TakeH3947 the rod,H4294 and gatherH6950 thou the assemblyH5712 together, thou, and AaronH175 thy brother,H251 and speakH1696 ye unto the rockH5553 before their eyes;H5869 and it shall give forthH5414 his water,H4325 and thou shalt bring forthH3318 to them waterH4325 out of the rock:H5553 so thou shalt giveH8248 the congregationH5712 and their beastsH1165 drink.H8248


The time was at 6:07:51 PM – CDT - Easter Sunday which is about the time I was at Victory Christian Center in Tulsa for their Easter production.


Notice the time at the epicenter…   7:07:51… which if written backwards… = 15707


Verse # 15707 = 2975 Verses from Esther 2:7

Ps 107:7

And he led them forthH1869 by the rightH3477 way,H1870 that they might goH3212 to a cityH5892 of habitation.H4186




Hebrew Strong’s # 5707 = Witness

Hebrew Strong’s # 2975 = Brook


Isa 19:7

The paper reedsH6169 by the brooks,H2975 by the mouthH6310 of the brooks,H2975 and every thing sownH4218 by the brooks,H2975 shall wither,H3001 be driven awayH5086, and be no [more].


Hard to fathom that the structural context of this verse points right back to Jesus.   The word, “wither”, is the word meaning to “dry” and is also used here:


Verse # 13144

Job 12:15

Behold, he withholdethH6113 the waters,H4325 and they dry up:H3001 also he sendeth them out,H7971 and they overturnH2015 the earth.H776


Notice that 13144 is a pointer to…


Greek Strong’s # 3144 = Witness


… and to…


Verse # 23144

Mal 4:5

Behold, I will sendH7971 you ElijahH452 the prophetH5030 beforeH6440 the comingH935 of the greatH1419 and dreadfulH3372 dayH3117 of the LORD:H3068



Notice the Brook in the distance from Esther 2:7…


7249 Verses from Esther 2:7

Jer 42:5

Then they saidH559 to Jeremiah,H3414 The LORDH3068 be a trueH571 and faithfulH539 witnessH5707 between us, if we doH6213 not even according to all thingsH1697 for the which the LORDH3068 thy GodH430 shall sendH7971 thee to us.



And so forth and so forth and so forth….   It’s time to pray for the Latter REIGN.


Isa 44:27

That saithH559 to the deep,H6683 Be dry,H2717 and I will dry upH3001 thy rivers:H5104


Hebrew Strong’s # 4427 = reign


4427 Verses from the End

John 14:6

JesusG2424 saithG3004 unto him,G846 IG1473 amG1510 the way,G3598 G2532the truth,G225 andG2532 the life:G2222 no manG3762 comethG2064 untoG4314 the Father,G3962 G1487butG3361 byG1223 me.G1700


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