Vicki (13 Apr 2011)
"To Ed C re: Glenn Beck"


Hi Ed and Doves,
Thank you for your post yesterday. I found the 19 gun salute/ geese absolutely amazing! Yes our Wonderful Awesome God is speaking all the time. Some people are just too busy (or don't care) to "listen". They are missing out on Sooo much. I agree with you concerning Glenn Beck. How many of us would know even a fraction of the names, people, events and organizations that Glenn has "uncovered" if it weren't for his shows. God uses whom He chooses. I believe He has chosen Glenn Beck to give us more insight and understanding as to what is going on "behind the scenes" so we are not caught off guard.
Many people have "issues" with Glenn, is he a Christian, Mormon,Mason etc. I think, just like in the Old Testament, God raises up people to accomplish His purposes. For instance Cyrus.
He was a man that "knew not God" or acknowledged Him. But God spoke of Him even before he was born!! He was chosen to fulfill GOD'S purposes not man's.
Maybe the same can be said about Glenn Beck... we DON'T know.....but God DOES.
In my opinion, I think we should be thankful for the information we have received through Glenn's shows and not worry about the "rest".
(I don't intend offend anyone, this is just my opinion)
Have a Blessed day in the Lord!!