Tina Abrams (20 Apr 2011)
"Welcome Back"

Last night we were watching the series from the 70s "Welcome back Kotter " from Netflix. It was one last one, in the series we ordered. Then I sent it back. Before the teacher goes to work each morning he tells his wife a Joke at the kitchen table. They are never spiritual, but last night (Monday the18th) Kotter said "There was a man who wanted to know if he was going to Heaven ....so he went to India to the highest mountain top and talked to a guru and asked the Guru. Am I going to Heaven ? The Guru answered ....Well there is good news and bad. The good news is yes you are. The bad news is, it is this THURSDAY "  I laughed to myself .....maybe you all have heard this joke many times and I shortened it....because it is not about the joke. But THURSDAY of all days ! And this joke was told, on this night, the eve of Passover. It was just very interesting to share something fun with 5-doves. (But we all are truly hoping for this to be THE good news for us also ! )

"Wishen and Prayen every day"

Tina Abrams