Tina Abrams (1 Apr 2011)

 I wanted to send this letter yesterday to your Letter on the 7 churches but didn't get around to it until today, sorry. So I hope you read this ? I have studied the connections for years, of Paul's letters to the 7 churches and Rev. 7 churches and even wrote a long letter on 5 doves about it once. My findings. You wrote yours so clearly and said it better than I did. So I thought you would be interested to Know that I found The exact Church to The exact letters. By looking up when Paul wrote each one. And They fit perfect years ago.

* Ephesus          * Galations
* Smyrna           *Thessalonians
* Pergamum      *Corithians
*Thyatira            * Romans
* Sardis              * Ephesians
* Philidelphia      * Phillipians
* Laodecia          * Colosians

So I started a *thing* with CHRISTIANS....asking what their favorite of the 7 books of Paul's letters to the churches were. The 1st one that popped into their mind. It was phenomenal that each person of who I knew, very well, fit perfectly the Paragraph that matched their book to their church in Rev. Hey the world does horoscopes and God creates everything first. Why Not ? See I believe there were 7 church Times in history. Yes, we are in Laodecia in America. But there are 7 literal churches also. But 7 types of Christians. So when the Christian says their favorite book, I always want them to read their paragraph in Rev. to them personally in these end days. Then expound on it and read their book to help them Live. You wouldn't believe How every person fit it perfect I asked and Yes some surprised me very much ....then I would say" YA that really does fit....and for others, I would be sad. But it really works. Thank you for your study you added alot of interesting things to the findings, that I read over & over.

Tina Abrams