Ted Porter (23 Apr 2011)
"Monday, April 25, 2011 / Abib/Nisan 21 and the numbers 555 and 777"

O Lord, thou art my God; I will exalt thee, I will praise thy name; for thou hast done wonderful things; thy counsels of old are faithfulness and truth.  Isaiah 25:1


First, a review of the meaning God has given to His Numbers He has created from the book “Arithmetic of God” as scribed by Don Kistler.


Arithmetic of God


5 = Grace

6 = satan (his influence)

7 = Completeness, Perfection or Bringing to an End


Many may recall that 777 is the Greek number meaning for the word “cross” where the debt for our sins was paid and Jesus uttered the words, “It is finished”.  Repeating words emphasize their importance as in Holy, Holy, Holy.  They also can emphasize the triune nature of God, or for that matter the unholy trinity.  Likewise, repeating numbers emphasize their importance as in 555, 666, and 777.  For 555 we have Grace, Grace, Grace.  The next number needs no explanation.  And for 777 we have It is Complete, It is Complete, It is Complete.


Can this be applied to dates?  Many of us watch dates and dates are really already numbers.  However they are several numbers.  The first requirement would then be to convert the date to one number instead of three.  The second requirement would be to do this in such a way as to make the next day one more than the previous.  That is to say, not make the next day 100, 10,000, or a million more than the previous.  In other words, arrange the date from most amount of time at the left to least amount of time to the right just as a number is represented as most amount at the left to least amount to the right.  Such a structure in year (Y), month (M), day (D) format would be YYYYMMDD.  However, it is realized that once one reaches the end of the month, the month part of the number increments while the day part resets to 1.


So for April 25, 2011 this converts to 20110425.  This is a very large number but it uniquely defines April 25, 2011 in a readable format quickly translated to April 25, 2011.  This number also can be divided evenly by:




In fact the number 20110425 = 555 * 36235


This number can further be divided and expressed as 555 * 5 * 7247


Realize that the next number that is divisible by 555 is 20110425 + 555 = 20110980.  However, this does not convert into a legitimate date as there are not 80 days in September.


The same can be done with the Hebrew date.  April 25, 2011 is Abib or Nisan 21, 5771.  We can debate that the 5771 year should have 240 years subtracted from it.   But then we can also debate that the Roman year 2011 should have 4 years subtracted from it.  Regardless, God’s prophetic calendar based on Daniel and Revelation appears to be based on 360 day years anyway.  God’s Providence still works through secular systems though and these are the two systems we now have.


So Abib/Nisan 21, 5771, being the first month of the year, originally as determined by the sighting of Barley in abib as to whether to add a thirteenth month to the Hebrew year, would translate into 57710121.  This number can be evenly divided by:




In fact the number 57710121 = 777 * 74273


This number can further be divided and expressed as 777 * 17 * 17 * 257.  This has 17 squared.  Looking at the “Arithmetic of God” we see that 17 means victory and we have victory in Jesus!


Pretty Amazing!


Realize that the next number that is divisible by 777 in the sequence is 57710121 + 777 = 57710898.  However, this also does not convert into a legitimate date as there are not 98 days in Heshvan.


Watching for the date!