Taylor (30 Apr 2011)
"O Birth Certificate"

Obama’s new long form document was produced entirely from an electronic data record and done up as a printout on an informational receipt form that summarized the information in the State database. The State Registrar affirms: “I certify this is a true copy or abstract of TXE record on file in the Hawaii State Department of Health”. This informs all that this document is based only on electronic sources of questionable origin. When and from where did this information get put into a database record on Obama’s birth? Since the Registrar has certified that only a digital record was used to create the form printout given to the President, this should imply that no original birth record could be located in the State Archives and it also shows that actually no hard copy record is known to exist in those archives.
It is a waste of energy to prove the latest birth document from Obama is a fake. The Hawaii State Registrar has already certified it came only from electronic sources; and, since no vital records are destroyed, it can be assumed that this latest information on Obama’s birth didn’t even come from a written document that no longer exists, which had been scanned into the database before getting lost. With only an electronic record to support the information presented, this new long form is worthless in proving Obama’s birth. This makes it pointless to analyze it for errors to prove it a fake, because it has no bearing on the Constitutional debate of Obama’s qualifications to serve in his office.
This worthless document was put out by the President to divide and distract America. Everyone has missed the point that this document could never prove or disprove Obama’s birth in Hawaii. It is an unofficial summarization of all data on Obama’s birth located in the State’s TXE record on Obama. It is even lacking the State Seal, which would signify it as an official copy. However, no original birth record exists on Obama in the Hawaii State Archives and no official copy of this record can be made. Otherwise, the Registrar would have surely delivered to Obama an official copy of his original birth records.
To certify that only an electronic record was used to produce the April 25, 2011, long form shows how truly nothing exists in the Hawaii State Archives on Obama’s birth. The Registrar found nothing of substance and he essentially certified delivering nothing of worth to the President. So, why are so many fighting so hard over a trivial document which means nothing?