Tabby (18 Apr 2011)

  five doves,
            This is my first time to write. My friend showed me this web-site a few weeks back, and I have been hooked on it since then. My grandpa was a preacher ,and my dad is a preacher now I am headed into the same path. I am young , and still learning a lot . There is one thing I can tell you even as a young person , our King is on his way ! It is so exciting to know that within months, days, or hours we will bow at Jesus feet and cast our crowns. The reason I am writing though is to tell about a dream I had in dec. of 2010 . I was outside my house, and looked into the sky ,and scenes begin to open in the sky . The first one was thousands of car seats with children in them dying, young children will suffer world  disasters. The second scene was famine people starving and know food to feed them, and the third was terror and chaos.
   Then about two weeks ago I had a dream that I turned on my TV. and Obama was broadcasting from Jerusalem telling the world he has created peace...he kept saying something about brazil ,,but I heard something loud,,,so I ran to look out my window, and called for my family when I had seen thousands ,millions, of stars falling to the earth! It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, and in a flash we was caught up! I cant even explain how good the feeling was ! If you are not ready please get ready! I beg you to turn to God the only true GOD, AND except his son Jesus into your will never be the same again , and he will fill your heart with happiness like nothing else in this world can do....
God keeps telling me that on April 22 all my problems will be taken care of ,maybe it’s a personal message ,but maybe its for everyone! who knows we will see.
Ready  to serve,
Welcome to the Doves, Tabby!