Suzi (7 Apr 2011)
"To Sonchild re: politics & such"

I was never 'into' politics or current events. It wasn't until I felt the evil coming off BHO when I saw him on a news report my husband was watching on a tv in a motel room while we were on vacation that my spirit was awakened and I knew I needed to educate myself.

Back then, it was easy to follow the news to find out what was happening in the world, political and otherwise. I realized then, that I was seeing 'history' played out, just as I had on 9/11.

When it became clear that I was seeing things go down just as we've been told it would, I knew I needed to stay informed. It became obvious that I was watching a 'play' that I had the script to...I knew how it was going to go, I just needed to keep up with it on a daily basis.

Then, suddenly things started changing. It became very obvious that I could not trust the sources I'd been following. Everyday I see/sense another 'sell out' in these tv personalities. I know the majority of them do not do the research, they just 'act out' the script they are given. My daughter used to work at a CBS affiliate and she would do the leg work, write up the story, and then an 'anchor/actor' would read her work! Don't know why I never realized that...but then, as stated, I never did keep up with the news.

My point is, these people, who claim to be conservative, some even claiming to be Christians, are just reading what they are told to read. They are on 'commentary' type shows, where they are free to engage in debate on what they believe, but it's very clear that they are either misinformed, ill-informed, or purposely towing the line for whomever is in charge (just as Obama does).

We are IN the world, even if we are not OF it. I believe we MUST educate ourselves, know what is happening around us...know our enemy. If not, it will be too easy to fall into a trap, or not be aware enough to keep others out of one.

Just my opinion.