Suzi (6 Apr 2011)
"To Amand re: 'feeling in the tummy' from kids"

When my son was about 3 (he's 27 now), he came into the kitchen holding his tummy with tears in his eyes...I asked him what was wrong, and in his (very articulate for his age way) said, 'Jesus just loves me so much, it's like it's too big and almost hurts my tummy!'. I asked him if he felt sick, where did it hurt....all the things a mom would ask. He was very reassuring that it was not 'bad' was just 'so big' (the LOVE), that he felt it 'filled up his tummy'.

When I realized what he was feeling, I told him, 'yes, that is Jesus' love you are feeling! It fills you up!'. I told him to remember that feeling, so next time it happened he's know it was from Jesus. I remember being covered in goosebumps and holding him and we prayed together. I knew then that my son was touched by the Holy Spirit at a very young age.

Out of the mouths of babes!