Suzi (6 Apr 2011)
"Amen Patricia re: cosplay!"

My daughter was always getting letters from her readers (she was very involved in a prolife ministry a couple of years ago), asking her how she could justify her love of 'cosplay' with her Christian walk. Like the man screaming at passersby in SF, some just want to see 'evil' everywhere. Here we were, a Christian family, with other Christian 'kids' (all 19+), and as we walk past, all but me in costume (I usually wear a t-shirt w/ some logo from some movie I like)...and he's just yelling at everyone as if they were dancing naked in the moonlight!

I don't think the man was fully in control of his behavior, he seemed a bit 'unhinged' it really made 'Christianity' look bad (which Satan delights in). *sigh*

We've also had people question us about working Renaissance Faires, but as you said, being there, among so many who embrace 'pagan' beliefs, they get to see up close what Christians are about. We have many 'friends' (people we only know through 'cons' or 'faires') who we totally disagree with on most subjects...but since we love them anyway, we are giving them a look/feel of the reality of the Love of Christ.

My girls have always wanted to be involved in the entertainment/arts...this is a way to combine that love with a hobby that has led to fun, jobs and education that we could never pay for. When you have two different 'celebrities' tell your 23 yr. old that they want her to 'hang out' with their teens, to show them that 'being a virgin and having fun is possible in today's world', you 'get' what Jesus illustrated when he did 'hang out' with a questionable 'crowd'! :)

For me, it's a creative outlet, I take great pleasure in making the costumes. The girls love the attention and fun of being part of a group who just want to 'play dress up' and share the fun of 'how did you make that part?'...'where did you find the pattern?'. *luckily, they are learning to make their own things, so maybe my poor neck/hands can take a break!*.

Our next big 'group' cosplay is probably going to be "Tangled", which I especially love because Zac Levi is a Christian, and the story is very nicely done, with a wonder illustration of self sacrifice for another and the resulting effects of those actions.

Another thing you pointed out, so many Christians who are involved in the entertainment industry don't get a lot of chances to share their faith, unless it IS in a more personal, intimate setting. I know a couple of celebs who do charity events, workshops and stand up comedy that focuses more on their Christian walk than their 'regular job' allows. I love to support these people as much as I can, knowing that the more popular they become, the more they can spread the Word. I know, just like when I worked in a casino, they also have more opportunity to pray for people when they come into contact with them.

Thanks for sharing your story. I'm curious what anime  your daughter likes, my oldest one is the one who is most into anime, she usually introduces it to her sister and the rest of us.