Suzi (28 Apr 2011)
"Why now BHO?"

As everyone has most likely seen/heard, BHO has finally seen fit to produce his Birth Certificate.

Why now? Why not pre-election? Why not when all those lawsuits were going on? Why would a Judge say that if the BC were produced it might prove to be 'embarrassing' to the Prez?

Now, are we going to have 'full disclosure"? School records, full medical history, Passport info, adoption info, SS info, Selective Service info, etc, etc...?

He's playing games. He's a liar and a fraud. There was no reason for him to hold out on this, it's either manufactured, or it's another smoke screen. What a joke. Now all the lefty socialists can point and laugh and discredit all the conservative 'Birthers'. But I want to know how an 'average student' from an upper middle class family was able to go to Harvard. I want to know what passport he traveled to Pakistan on (when US citizens could not).

I want to know why the gay choir master at his church was killed, and the man who helped with the break in of his (and McCains & Hillary's) passports was murdered (when he was ready to 'talk')...the birth certificate was never an issue for me...those things can be faked...I want to know the details of all those other stepping stones that he seemingly could NOT have managed on his own.

Why is this man so untouchable? These are the things I want uncovered.