Suzi (23 Apr 2011)
"Re: NMF & 'earthqake drill'"

This just smacks of 'we know something you don't know'....seriously.

We've seen NASA's sites with the alignment of comet(?) ELEnin landing on dates in the past that coincided w/ major quakes around the globe...we have to assume that future alignment dates could possibly produce more of the same.

Now, I'm a naturally suspicious person. I love 'conspiracy theories'...maybe it's because I've lived on both sides of the 'fence' and I know exactly how the enemy works. I loved The X-files, because it used man's 'need to know' nature against him, to hide the truth in plain sight. It used false truths to hide major lies...lies wrapped in truth and truth made to seem like a lie. Seriously, all tools of the enemy! Want to hide something, plant the idea of it in the mind of an everyday "Joe" and let him sound like a crazy person!!

The movie "2012" was a perfect example of this...the craziest person in the movie was RIGHT! Mel Gibson's character in "Conspiracy Theory" was CRAZY...but RIGHT!!

Now, I had the idea, and then saw someone else somewhere (probably youtube, I read/watch too many things to keep track) had the same idea. So, try to follow my insanity...

IF, (remember, I'm nuts, right?), IF the government was creating these disasters to bring in a One World Government, a New World Order, a sharply reduced population ala Bill Gates dream (and all those mega rich types who have those wonderful secret meetings)...IF they were using HAARP to target areas for 'natural disasters'....earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, et al. How would you seemingly 'hide it'? I mean, wouldn't 'patterns' be evident? Not all scientists are 'in the pocket' of these evil people, remember? When those smart, brave souls spoke out against the lie of 'man made global warming', they were literally drummed out of their respective positions. But there are those out there who are smart, have access to equipment who CAN 'see' the facts and pass them on. So, 'they' (the bad guys) would have to find a way to 'hide' their actions, right? Enter NASA, with the handy dandy ELEnin tracker software!! Let's not forget that comets and such are usually either given a number or name of the person who discovers them, or a combo of both. This one, was supposedly 'discovered' by a man name Leonid Elenin...*cough* bull *cough*. First off, it's coming from the area where the 'Leonids' or the meteors that come out of the constellation "Leo"'s in the area with that name...and everyone has noted that in 'astro-lingo', ELE stands for "Extinction Level Event"...'nin'...just sounds like NONE or Nil...or other word that means 'nothing will be left'!!

But, I digress....

Okay, NASA has a program accessible by anyone who cares to look. It shows the supposed path of this 'new' comet (that people have been talking about since I first got my computer back in the mid '90s)...but now it's 'newly discovered'. It can't be seen with the naked eye yet, but it's there. Just follow the path. Wow. On one date, there was a huge earthquake, and here, another, and so on and so forth....and you can even project future dates, how convenient!!

NOW...let's put on our tin foil hats for this!

Let's just say, for the sake of argument and funsies....that the government has been using Elenin as a 'smoke screen' to hide their covert activity with HAARP to pick those easily accessible dates to ZAP the ionosphere and create those quakes, and storms and all the lovely fun stuff that has been plaguing our planet!? Huh? And now, our great benevolent 'Big Sis' is telling us that 'just in case' we need to prepare....cuz heck, it 'could' happen again...right?

And won't 'we' the unsuspecting sheeple be everso grateful that they warned us so we could be prepared and protected WHEN it happens? Right. This is premeditated damage control.

Firecharger and many others have YouTubed that NASA mapping can see where/when the possibilities for a quake should happen, if we are following examples from past 'alignments'. Yes, I think this is all orchestrated. Either the government KNOWS that ELEnin does indeed cause these events, or they are using this 'comet' to cover their own tracks...something is brewing.

I always believed that, when the End Times came, even the unbelievers would be able to see it. Well, it's here, things are going from bad to worse. It cracks me up in a very unfunny way that the news can announce these tragic events, or some UFO siting, or some odd manifestation (like the wacky circles on doppler radar or major vortex whirlpools in the middle of the ocean), and it will be brushed over and forgotten by the next day!

I laugh at how an obvious 'rocket' was seen/filmed off the California coast and 'official' word was, 'it was just an optical illusion of a jet's contrail'. And it's bought, hook, line and sinker...then a Sci-fi TV show about aliens use the EXACT 'cover story' and have their character (President) ask if the 'news story was planted', and is told, 'yes, and it was accepted'! SHEEPLE!! But, 'we' are the crazy ones who question. Sad.

Sorry for the long, insane rant...but I am amazed when I ask friends and family what they thought about certain news stories and most have NO idea what I'm talking about!! The blinders are on, and the MSM knows how to keep them there...with the plausible deniability factored in!

So, back the original point of this over-long letter...

Yes, 'they' are planning a 'drill'. Yes, 'they' have bought up millions of MRE's from all sources that preppers and others have used. 'They' are preparing people in the most inconspicuous way.

It's all coming down folks...and I believe we will be around for some of the fireworks. It's gonna have to get a whole lot worse before we need to be 'snatched away'. As a parent, one holds their child's hand as they walk down the sidewalk with busy traffic just feet away...there is no reason to 'snatch' that child to safety until/unless some big truck veers off into your path, right? Yeah. Right now, the traffic is getting busier, and the dangers are getting more and more real.

Can't wait till our Father grabs us up in His Arms to safety!!