Suzi (23 Apr 2011)
"Re: William as possible AC 'candidate'"

I too hate to think of Prince William as a possible AC candidate. Diana was killed because she did NOT want to go along with the dirty secrets of the 'Royals' can her beautiful son be exempt? Yes, Satan loves to, and can ONLY 'imitate', how fitting would it be to take a handsome, charming, sweet, humanitarian son of a much beloved woman, and use him for his own evil purposes? Satan can & will 'inhabit' any who do not hold Jesus in their heart. He will also 'fill' any vessel that is open to suit his purpose. I pray that William can or has, 'come to Jesus'...that's the only way he'll be 'safe' from whatever dark powers the 'royals' employ. Poor kid. I wish him the best....this may be the first 'marriage for love' the monarchy has seen in years.