Suzi (22 Apr 2011)
"TV show "The Event""

For those who are watching this show, there are so many things that just sound alarms for me!

An ancient group who are 'Guardians' or 'Watchers' for the coming alien race who would take over the world?

The president finds out his wife is an 'illegal alien', but by the look of her furtive glance, she's really an ALIEN!!??

Shadow governments. Rogue officials within the inner circle of DC politics. A headstrong woman politician from ALASKA who's working to find the truth!?

So much, too much...

Human/alien hybrids?

The list keeps on coming. Now they have the vice prez working to assassinate the prez...shades of Johnson/JFK?

Art imitating life? Who knows?


It will be so nice to be able to look at all this stuff 'face to face' someday, huh?