Suzi (22 Apr 2011)
"Good point Mike C!"

I've always wondered about the fact that when 'My space' was 'the thing', it just had an 'age' listed, not the actual birthdate. When Obama was first being known for his thuggery getting elected in Ill. His My Space page listed his age, which, when calculated, made his birth year 1957!!! BEFORE Hawaii became a state. Everyone is making the mention of a 'birth announcement' as 'proof'...NO! Whenever anyone applied to get the Cert. of Live Birth (back then, some women still had kids at home!), there would be an automatic 'announcement' made in the local paper. That is still done today. Just because the paper ran it, doesn't mean it happened THEN, it's just when the paperwork was done. IF BHO was born prior to Statehood, his grandparents (the address given was there's), would have secured the paperwork to make him a 'citizen', especially if BHO Sr. is listed on the BC (and he was a British citizen) I feel, it reads 'Father Unknown', a new and 'scandal free' Cert. of Live birth would 'legitimize' the kid. Back then there was a stigma attached to 'unwed' mothers. Plus, if "Uncle Frank" was really 'daddy Frank'....pinning 'fatherhood' on a one time lover who was leaving the area would be easy to do! Dirty laundry to be sure. And it doesn't mean (as everyone keeps saying), that they 'planted all this in case he ran for Prez someday''s just easier on mixed race kid to be 'half African'...than the 'half Black/illegitimate' kid he most likely was. Sad.

Cant' wait for the tell all book to be released that addresses all these issues. We have a fraud in the White House, that's for sure!!