Suzi (21 Apr 2011)
"Re: Very Scary Observation/ Obama & 4 more yrs."

When I first laid eyes and ears on Obama. I knew. In that sick in the pit of your stomach way...I knew.

I tried and tried to warn people about him. Friends, online folks who'd I met in person, visited with, laughed with. People from all backgrounds and belief systems...they said they loved me for me, even if our 'beliefs' were different. Pagans who saw my son's mission work as a 'good thing' and donated money to help send him to do relief work after the Tsunami in Thailand. All of them...turned on me. Hatefully. Vicious words, when I spoke out against 'The One'. It was like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, or the Twilight Zone. But, as the election got closer, and as soon as I started 'figuring dates'....I KNEW. When Oct. 29th, 2008 came...I KNEW.

My good friend, who was also a target of these online attacks (we were labeled 'racists', since we couldn't give a 'good reason' for not loving this fraud), told me, "He's going to win, and I've come to a feeling of peace about it...he's SUPPOSED to win".  I had to agree...and worse yet, I knew that what I was feeling, if the math was right, he'd have to stay 'in power' longer than the 4 yrs an American Presidency lasts. I didn't know if he'd 'come to power' via some other means, UN, whatever...but I knew, he'd still be 'in charge' past his 'allotted time'.

So, yes, I do believe he will run again, and will win again. Furthering his goal of destroying America...and we just have to hang on. IF things don't change first, if we don't 'go home'...expect to see him play out the head/arm injury by next year *or 2013 at the latest*. That's just my two cents. We don't go home UNTIL the man of sin is revealed. Well, for me he was/is...but maybe EVERYONE has to realize it...but then, why would some still go along with it? Maybe the 'revelation' will be a welcome one from 'his side'? I don't know. We see through a glass darkly.

Some day...face to face.