Suzi (2 Apr 2011)
"To Jill re: Beck"

Even a broken clock is right twice a day...still would not rely on it for the important stuff.

His show editing out a Christian's comments about Jesus Christ being the only TRUE way a person can 'get right' was the final straw. I'd stopped watching him because I don't have the time or knowledge to know 'when he's right'. I'd rather just not deal with him. Too much of his intentions show and they are not Godly or in line with Scripture. I feel he's very, very dangerous. I get the same 'hinkey feeling' from him as I do BHO, they both think they are 'important' in the grand scheme of things, and that's directly from the enemy. I can almost pinpoint when Glenn heard the 'whisper'...*shudder*

Just my MOV, YMMV.