Suzi (2 Apr 2011)
"To Jim re: O'Reilly"

Agreed on the ego and agenda of O'Reilly...he's either showing HIS true colors, is going all out to 'tow the line' for FOX News. They have really let their true colors show lately. I used to have a regular 'line up' w/ the TV on there all day...not anymore. I can't stomach the ignorance, disrespect and mockery. For him to say, 'we did an investigation and we saw the Birth Certificate' is a LIE! The Hawaiian government officials have said right out that it has NOT been released!! In fact, some day it does not exist. I have yet to hear anyone from Fox say the 1961, people were applying for "official STATE" BCs for their kids!! And the thing about a newspaper notice of birth meaning anything? Stupid....that just means that in '61 they applied for and got the certificate of live birth...NOT a 'legal' document when it comes to something this important. In fact, a judge stated, that 'if' the REAL info were released, it could prove 'embarrassing' to BHO. I'm bettin' it either says 'Father Unknown', or it lists Marshall as his father. Whatever it is, it's just the tip of the iceberg with this Trump tried to stress, what about all the other 'records'? History? If you were a nurse, doc, heck, even a JANITOR who worked at a hospital, and someday a baby who you came into even the most remote contact with became famous, wouldn't you be telling everyone? Especially if you LIKED him, and wanted to 'help prove' the fact that he/she were born there? You think that there's not some nurse somewhere who's bragging (even to her friends/kids) that she diapered Justin Beiber? lol. Seriously...people come out of the woodwork when someone becomes 'famous'. Our little town loves to boast when someone 'makes good'. All towns do that. Where are the towns doing that for BHO? The only ones are in villages in Kenya!!

*sorry about the rant*

I just got really disgusted with O'Reilly and his mockery. I only watched 'part 1' of the interview...and when he was talking to Dennis Miller about it, he was laughing AT Donald Trump and going on and on about how stupid the things that were said, and doing the 'wait till you hear what else tomorrow!'.

We can't trust any of the 'news' people we have here....all the outlets are owned by the same elites.