Suzi (19 Apr 2011)
"to Merianne re: night terrors"

You hit on something very important re: night terrors and the state of a person spiritually. You said that your unsaved loved one had nightmares involving swallowing things or other incidents that cause the 'terror', while a saved person will assign the 'evil' to something spiritual.

There have been tests done, where subjects were subjected to different 'eletromagnetic' influences and other 'energy' since so many astronauts were experiencing 'alien' or 'angel' encounters...depending on the person's faith. When that part of our brain was is activated, we will experience things according to what we believe. A Christian will see/feel a demon or angel, depending on other factors (if you are in physical distress, such as w/ sleep apnea, fear comes into the equation).

For those of us who are sensitive to seismic activity, we can just have the odd half/sleep experiences, where we are dreaming we are awake, then try to move, only to find that we are 'paralyzed'...then the fear comes in.

Trust me (to those who scoff at the medical/physical possibilities here), I have had both experiences...the natural 'night terror' and the REAL demonic attack. There is a big difference!! As I've stated many times before, don't add to Satan's list if he is not the cause. He loves that. Even if it's just a natural event, calling on the name of Jesus is our best and first line of defence...but learning if there is a real medical problem is just common sense.

Since our family is prone to these events, we know why/when they would most likely occur...and can be more aware, even in the midst of them, to know 'it's not real'. We have taken the 'terror' out to a degree, since we will not allow Satan the satisfaction of us thinking it is him and his mininons!

I am not discounting any real demonic events. I know full well how they are REAL...I would not wish them on my worst enemy! But, if you have taken all precautions, are covered in the Blood of Jesus, then, please, look into the medical side of things. If you do suffer from sleep apnea, or any other sleep disorder, there are so many other problems that can arise. Brushing it off as 'demonic' gives Satan a victory, that could very well lead to death! *sleep apnea has caused people to go into cardiac arrest!*.

I agree with what another person wrote, 'educate yourself', and no, I'm not suggesting Snopes, but real medical info. I've dealt with this for over 30 years now. I will give the devil his due, but I refuse to hand him over anything that is not his. We've come a long way from the days when a person was thrown into Bedlam for the 'demons' in their heads, when in actuality it was a chemical disorder, epilepsy or other medical problem.