Suzi (18 Apr 2011)
"To Diane re: Sleep paralysis vs real demonic encounters/actions"

You describe what I went through in my late teens/early 20s to a "T". The out of body experiences, the 'fun', the slightly creepy but enticing sensations. I even did an experiment with a friend of mine where I told her I would 'float' over to her house and come into her room (through the ceiling), and when she 'felt' I was there to note the time. Yep, it worked. So, I totally believe that you did indeed experience these spiritual games.

But, I've also experienced the very real and totally explainable 'sleep paralysis'. My children have too. I am not saying that what others have documented here are just that, they very well could be under real demonic/spiritual attack, and of course, in all things we need to pray and give it over to God. But, as I've stated many times, the Devil loves it when he gets 'credit' for things he didn't do. Remember the old "the devil made me do it"? Sometimes natural things happen, and it's not Satan, it's just what it is. Accidents happen, medical problems happen...we live in a fallen world, bad things will happen to good people.

Also as I've stated, when we (me and my girls have this often) are sick, or tired, or our sleep patterns are thrown off...and especially when there is seismic activity going on around us, we will have these 'night terrors'. We can tell when they are happening, as in, if my daughter (who is 23) isn't feeling well and comes and gets into bed with me after my husband goes to work early, I can feel her jerking and trying to wake herself up. She's also come into my room when I'm down with a migraine and will gently wake me and tell me I was calling out. There is nothing evil involved, it is medical, it is our own brain and the activity being disrupted by natural sources. Trust me, I know what the evil feels like. From your story, you don't say how things changed for you...but for me, the 'fun' turned very dark, deadly and obviously evil. Especially after my mom died and I got intiated into a coven....then met my husband (who was a Christian). The more I listened to him share the Gospel, the more I came under spiritual attack. It was a totally different feeling. When you awake from a 'night terror', you know it was 'just a dream', even though you can fully recall how scared you were when it was happening...when it's really awake knowing it's still lurking around you. Luckily I had a wonderful man of God to help me learn how to pray and rebuke the enemy.

The science behind these sleep disturbances is documented, it is real. But I also believe that true spiritual/demonic influences are real...I just don't want to add to Satan's 'scoreboard' as it were.